Designer Jewellery, Custom made jewellery, engagement jewellery, wedding rings, engagement ring design by Michael Albrecht in Melbourne

Michael Albrecht Designer Jewellery

Albrecht Jewellery is owned and operated by Michael Albrecht.

Our personalised range of services includes bespoke jewellery design and manufacture. Michael's wealth of knowledge, experience and attention to customer requirements will ensure that your bespoke jewellery purchase from Albrecht Jewellery will be of the highest quality.

Michael also carries an extensive range of antique cut diamonds. Michael specialises in engagement ring selection, particularly assisting clients through the often daunting task of finding the diamond that is "just right", a straight forward honest and informed approach to the 4 "C"'s selecting the perfect stone, whatever the size or shape.

Albrecht Jewellery's services include jewellery design, jewellery repair, purchasing jewellery for cash or trade in, GST refunds organised for overseas purchasers and travellers.

If it is a last minute gift you require or an internationally certified investment quality diamond, Michael can be contacted at any time without the restriction of normal business hours...just call.

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